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* Born in Long An - ( Mekong Delta ) South Vietnam

* Petrus Truong Vinh Ky High School Alumnus

* Trained in Sculpture, Painting and Architecture from the Saigon National University of Arts for 6 years

* Escaped from Vietnam by boat

* Living and working in Canada since 1980

* Member of the Sculptors Society of Canada


* Award of Merit for the Arts - Gold Medal - City of Toronto - 1997

* Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Award - 1998

* Winner of the Vietnamese Commemorative Monument competition - City of Ottawa - 1995

* Ontario Arts Council Award - 1993

* Ontario Arts For Education Award - 1990


* Canadian Museum of Civilization - Ottawa , Canada

* Royal Ontario Museum

* Art Gallery of Ontario

* Multicultural History Society of Ontario

* Roy Thomson Hall - City of Toronto

* Canadian Red Cross Society - City of Toronto

* Sculptors Society of Canada - City of Toronto


Refugee Mother and Child - The first Monument in the world dedicated to the Vietnamese Boat People

* Installed on April 30, 1995 for the City of Ottawa, Canada

* Located in the park at the corner of Preston St. & Somerset St. West, Ottawa - Capital of Canada


This Award of Merit Medal is placed in the capsule to show those who open this capsule at a future date the accolades that have been given to citizens who have made singulary notable contributions to the civic well-being of the community, and in doing so, have advanced the reputation and stature of the city. The medal is in gold, symbolically signifying the ultimate regard that the Council and Citizens of the City of Toronto behold the recipients. The medal was provided by Henry Birks and Sons, Toronto jewelers.

                                        Prime Minister of Canada
                                       PIERRE TRUDEAU SEATED
                                                 1919 - 2000



                              CANADIAN JOURNALIST MEMORIAL
                                     ( Project in Progress)

The plaster Maquette ( Model ) in front of   : ( from right to left )
- Ian Connerty Chair, Canadian News Hall of Fame
President of the Canadian Journalist Memorial project
- Boris Spremo, CM. Order of Canada , World renowned award winning Canadian News Photographer
- Pham thê Trung,  Canadian Sculptor
Award of Merit . Gold Medal, City of Toronto 1997

The sculpture by a well known Canadian Artist will  be located in high traffic area down town City of Toronto - Canada : " In memory of Canadian Journalists who lost their lives in war zones"


. Ian Connerty, Chair Canadian News Hall of Fame
. Boris Spremo, World renowned award winning Canadian News Photographer
. Les Pyette, Retired former Editor in Chief Sun Newspapers of Canada
 . John Honderich, Chair Toronto Star Corporation
. Lloyd Robertson, Retired National Award winning News Anchor CTV TV
. Lord Thompson, Bell Globe Media
. Isabel Bassett, Former Ontario Culture Minister
. John Godfrey, Chair Post Media
 . Natalie Turvey, Canadian Journalism Foundation
. David Peterson, Former Premier of Ontario
. Janet Ecker, Former Treasurer of Ontario